Neptune Coring has been innovating since the beginning; we have innovation in our DNA.  Neptune’s first service offering was the newly (1970) patented Armadillo Coring System, then quickly after that Neptune diversified into case boring, which became the second service offering.  We were always early adopters of new trenchless technology and early tester of trenchless installation methods.  Ensuring we stay a head of the curve in Western Canada, in 1985, NC bought a pipe jacking system and added that to our trenchless technology tool kit.  After 20 years of installing new trenchless solutions, in 1989 NC invented and patented, in collaboration with the City of Edmonton, the ReMain water main extraction system.   Which evolved into pipe bursting, adding a fourth service offering to the companies expanding portfolio.  This was also the first “Built by Neptune” service on the trenchless renewal/rehabilitation side.  In 1996 Neptune purchased the Iskeki microtunneling system and undertook the first microtunnel project in Western Canada, microtunneling has become NC fifth service offering.  At the end of the millennium we had been in business for 30 years and were not slowing down.  In 2000 we adding pipe ramming to our core services as number six, and started immediately developing, and improving installation methodologies.  In recent years NC has added guided boring to our portfolio as our seventh service.  Innovative trenchless solutions start with effective collaboration, through relationship’s and partnerships with technology manufacturers, Neptune Coring creates and advances a variety of trenchless technologies and high impact methodologies, that enhance the way infrastructure is installed.

 What is a “Built by Neptune” trenchless solution?

NC has built an incredible knowledge and experience base over the 40+ years of operating.  Between business operations and field operations we have accumulated over 500+ years of trenchless construction experience.  Notably, the organization has 4 personnel with 40+ years of experience, 6 personnel with 30+ years of experience, and 8 personnel with 10+ years of experience. (NC currently employs 34 personnel).  Simply…a “Built by Neptune” solution leverages that knowledge base of 500+ years of experience accessible to our team and organizations we collaborate  and do business with.