Pipe Bursting


Neptune Coring has the capability to rehabilitate undersized and failing pipe systems using this method of trenchless construction.  The technique involves removal of an existing underground utility using mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic force while simultaneously installing a new pipe or conduit.  The original pipe is forcibly split and pushed into the surrounding ground where it is remains, while the new pipe, which may be of equal or greater diameter is pulled or pushed behind.  This technique is most effective when used for installations where there are a limited number of service connections, as excavation is required as well as at manholes.

MAIN APPLICATIONS:  Online sanitary and storm sewer replacement and same size or increased diameter installations


PIPE MATERIAL: Typically used to remove PVC, VCT, or concrete and simultaneously install PVC or HDPE.

DIAMETER RANGE: Removal typically ranges from 150mm (6") to 400mm (16").  New installation will generally not exceed 1.5X the original.